Meet the Staffing Experts Behind Smart Resources

Discover the Staffing experts behind Smart Resources who bring the magic to life. Whether it's Experienced Tradespeople, Temporary workers, Vetted Labor or your next Corporate hire, our team possesses the skills and expertise to ensure a Smart Hire.


The Smart People


Ted Broman

Chief Executive Officer


Belinda VanFleet

Chief Operating Officer President, Smart Trades


Kyle Baggaley

Chief Human Resources Officer


Jessica Judd

Chief Marketing Officer


Cary White

Chief Revenue Officer


Joe Hempel

President, Smart Staffing


Brie Smith

President, Smart Search


Teki Kola

President, Smart Gigs


Shane Lyon

Director of Sales

Scott Larson

Finance Manager


Tara Jackson

Market President Georgia


Ashley Hosang

Marketing President Texas


Ashlee Labrum

Recruiting Operations Manager


Christine Tanner

How It Started

Intelligently Changing How Staffing Works

Smart Resources™ was developed through finding solutions to the same problems your company faces today. We started as IntegraCore Supply Chain Management – a small, third-party logistics company (3PL) that grew rapidly until the hurdle of labor-management issues began holding us back. Like you and other warehouses, manufacturing, or production companies, we tried to overcome this hurdle by outsourcing to traditional staffing agencies. It turned out to be an ineffective money-pit that only threatened to hinder any further growth.

Many businesses did listen, and Smart Resources™ today is transforming how more companies think about labor management. Our programs are the first of their kind in the country. We have turned the downward spiral of a fluctuating workforce on its head. We're much more than a staffing agency. We will fill 100% of your workforce capacity, but we will also provide the systems and resources to lower your Cost per Unit and boost efficiency. Our Strategic Alliance Program will help you discover more efficiencies and outline a direct path towards growth personalized to your business. By sharing in the investments we've made into recruiting and retaining a higher-quality workforce, you, too, will turn labor into a profit center and not a drain.

We know people, in all industries.

Smart Resources offers four different arms of expertise through our family of Companies - Smart Trades, Smart Search, Smart Gigs and Smart Staffing.

These separate but collaborative Companies ensure we offer the most suitable job-related services, meeting sector-specific criteria and procedures while at the same time streamlining the process of employing personnel across multiple industries.

Our Brands

Multiple Industries. One Family of Staffing Solutions.

Industrial Staffing

Smart Staffing is a specialized agency catering to production and manufacturing. They prioritize skilled line workers, warehouse staff, forklift operators, and light industrial professionals, ensuring clients receive top-notch personnel for improved productivity and efficiency in the workplace.

Temp work & Gigs

Smart Gigs is a pioneering staffing agency exclusively focused on All 1099 (no W2) contractors, connecting skilled freelancers with diverse industries and clients. They efficiently match professionals with ideal short-term events, seasonal projects, or day labor opportunities, offering flexible and dynamic workforce solutions.

Trades & Skilled Labor

Smart Trades specializes in staffing skilled professionals for construction trades such as laborers, cleanup personnel, mechanics, maintenance experts, and welders. Committed to quality and safety, they connect experienced candidates with reputable employers, ensuring a reliable workforce without day laborers.

Corporate Recruiting

Smart Search specializes in staffing for clerical, professional, executive, management, sales, office, call center, and technical roles. Their commitment to precision and efficiency ensures top-notch talent for businesses, making them an ideal partner for hiring exceptional candidates.


At Smart Resources™, our success is intrinsically linked to your success, ensuring a rewarding and fulfilling experience when you choose to work with us. As our partnerships flourish and expand nationwide, we are proud to offer a team of highly qualified employees ready to cater to your unique staffing requirements in:

  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Minnesota
  • Georgia
  • And more!
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