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Smart Resources™ started with the same problems you have now and developed the solutions that will work for you, too. 
Smart Resources™ has the solutions you’ve never heard about.

Intelligently Changing How Staffing Works

Smart Resources™ was developed through finding solutions to the same problems your company faces today. We started as IntegraCore Supply Chain Management – a small, third-party logistics company (3PL) that grew rapidly until the hurdle of labor-management issues began holding us back. Like you and other warehouses, manufacturing, or production companies, we tried to overcome this hurdle by outsourcing to traditional staffing agencies. It turned out to be an ineffective money-pit that only threatened to hinder any further growth.

Many businesses did listen, and Smart Resources™ today is transforming how more companies think about labor management. Our programs are the first of their kind in the country. We have turned the downward spiral of a fluctuating workforce on its head. We're much more than a staffing agency. We will fill 100% of your workforce capacity, but we will also provide the systems and resources to lower your Cost per Unit and boost efficiency. Our Strategic Alliance Program will help you discover more efficiencies and outline a direct path towards growth personalized to your business. By sharing in the investments we've made into recruiting and retaining a higher-quality workforce, you, too, will turn labor into a profit center and not a drain.

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Your success is how Smart Resources™ succeeds, and you'll find working for us to be refreshing and satisfying. The partnerships we're building at Smart Resources™ are expanding across the country. The companies ready to hire you are located in:

  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Minnesota
  • Georgia
  • And more!

What Is Different About Smart Resources™?

We decided it was time to sink or swim on our own, so we got rid of the staffing agencies and developed our own program. By seeing first-hand how the traditional methods of labor staffing were a drain on our resources, raising Cost per Unit, lowering productivity, etc., we began rethinking how to turn labor into a profit center rather than the “necessary loss” the rest of the industry had become contented. It wasn’t long before we were back on track to productivity, profitability, and growth. The success was so galvanizing that we decided to rebrand ourselves as Smart Resources™ and share our strategies with any business that would listen.