Hire The Right Work Force At The Beginning

A partnership with Smart Resources™ and our Strategic Alliance Program will transform your productivity with the power of people.

How Can The Strategic Alliance Program Transform Productivity?

Nothing eats into profits like labor expenses for most companies. Smart Resources™ is more than just a staffing agency – we find solutions that give our clients the productive workforce to transform labor into a profit center. The way it’s done is through our 10-strategy program called the Strategic Alliance Program.

Investing In People Is Our Strategy

Five of the most important programs in our Strategic Alliance Program highlight the dependence on people for success. Guerrilla Recruiting, FlexForce, Smart Retention, No-Cost Hiring, and On-Site Strategist ensure we attract the right kind of workers and give them further development to lower your Cost per Unit and heighten productivity. With these methods, labor becomes a source of profit for your operations, not merely an expense. Partner with us at Smart Resources™ and find solutions you've never seen before.

Smart ResourceS

We are an employer of choice, partnering with employers of choice. We are the leader in human capital solutions through customer alignment, innovation, and performance. We understand how our clients see value, we align to that and communicate and deliver value as they see it.

Our values
  • Trustworthy
  • Quality Relationships
  • Progression
  • Deliver Results
  • Hard Work

We Improve Your Revenue Through Effective Hiring

The overarching strategy in our Strategic Alliance Program is our focus on people. People are our strategy and expertise, so we reject the “warm body” staffing model. We know that hiring bodies to fill a spot is not only ineffective, but it's also expensive and frustrating. Our Strategic Alliance Program enables us to help our companies make outsourced labor a profit center. They save money by partnering with us. We can do the same for your business while offering your employees a better wage, working environment, benefit plan, and future career.

  • Experts in the 3LP industry
  • Successful partnerships with long-term customers
  • On-site management
  • Unlimited resource of employees